Jamie's visit - Sunday June 22, 2008

Jamie's Visit (1 of 4) :

Our son Jamie came to visit us for a summer vacation in June. He arrived Thursday June 19 and he always brings the good weather. It was 102F on Friday - and not much cooler on Saturday! That's unusual for San Jose.

Anyway, on Sunday we decided to drive over the mountains to Santa Cruz and go for a walk along the Western Cliffs. Followed by breakfast at the Walnut Avenue Cafe - one of favorite breakfast places. We also walked back via Mission Santa Clara. I'm amazed that it's taken us 8 years to finally visit the Mission. However we can now tick this as 'Done'.

Very nice walk. Beautiful, perfect weather. I've run the Santa Cruz Half Marathon three times. The opening and closing 3 miles are on the Western Cliffs. Very beautiful.

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Jamie hiding from camera

Guy on Surf Plank

Western Cliffs

Loads of birds

Ali and Jamie

Don't be next

Looking East

Waiting for the wave

Riding the wave

The waves

Santa Cruz Wharf

Ali at Surfing Statue

Flowers and Wharf

Surfing bay

Folks surfing

Santa Cruz

Boat in the bay

Police Department

Khyber Pass Restaurant

Jamie at lunch

Ali at lunch

Ali and Robin at Mission

Ali at Mission

Mission Santa Cruz

Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross

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