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Wedding of Santhi and Jamies (1 of 6) :

I've known my friend Santhi for at least 8 years. I think she joined my running club in 2006 and we've been friends since.

We are thrilled to be invited to attend her Wedding to James in the University of California at Berkeley. James is a Professor of Physics in the University and a very clever man. Santhi's a match and has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford. Santhi and James are very successful people.

Events at the Wedding started with a Mendhi Party. The Bride and the Lady guests were painted in traditional Indian style. Really beautiful. Alison slept with toilet paper wrapped on her fist to protect the beautiful artwork.

We've met quite a number of the family and friends of Santhi and James over the years. The Wedding Host, Kala, lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and we've been to visit and stay with her in the past. Kala's a lovely lady and if Santhi and James were a little nervous, I'm sure Kala was more nervous and excited. Sister Anu and Brother Pramma were here and Aunt Santhi. And then loads of other Indian Folks. 3 Uncles from Chennai and all manner of relatives and friends.

We've met James' mother Janice and step-father Doug at Santhi's graduation at Stanford in June, 2014. Great to see them again. Sister Penny from and her friend Johana from Belgium. Cousin Ritchie and partner Angie from Melbourne, Australia, Cousin Myles from Aukland, NZ. Aunt Sue and Uncle Murray from Christchurch, NZ. Many long journeys for a special occasion.

And the friends. Mostly from Stanford. However many others from New Zealand, USA, India and Greece. Alison and I travelled from England. Xeni was James' Kindergarten Teacher and came from Athens and her son Alexi was one of the Greek Musicians. School friend Kat from Washington, DC. From the 4 corners of the world, friends and family converged on Berkeley to lovingly wish the couple well.

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