Wedding of Santhi and Jamies (3 of 6) :

Sunday Evening Reception. In the Botanical Gardens at the University. The MC for the occasion was Jame's sister Penny. She was beautiful and introduced Best Man Peter, the Parents, Bride's Maids and Grooms Men.

James is a Kiwi - from New Zealand. He is Greek and was born and lived in Anthens until about 10 years old. Some of the family came from Greece to join us. So lots of Greek Dancing, Music and delicious food. The venue was great, surrounded by exotic plants from around the world. It seemed appropriate that people from the 4 corners of the World were in a botanical environment of equal diversity. A really beautiful evening.

I'd like to mention many of the guests by name. If only I could remember them all by name. Professor Joe from Berkeley and Professor Mark from Stanford. Hanu and Rachel from Stanford. Gosh, Santhi - you'll have to help me out by email with more names.

And many Indian beauties. The most beautiful of all was the Bride. Santhi you're beautiful, clever, determined, successful and an incredibly charming lady. Alison and I feel very privileged to have been here with you and your family and friends.

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