April 2017

The weather in April has been unusually good. We've made great progress with the house. I've joined a run group on Sunday. Alison and I have started walking every week with groups in Surrey. Life is good.

We're also delighted to welcome a new member of the family to live in Summer Gardens. Lizzie, an 11 year old cat, has come to live with us. She's been living with our son Alan who has another 3 cats. Lizzie was having a hard time, and has come to live with us. She's very affectionate, quiet and well behaved. She loves sitting on Alison's lap. Three of the cats from a single litter are family pets. Wilson lives with Jamie. Socks lived with Jamie until she disappeared about a year ago.

The house project really is coming to a conclusion now. Alison is painting. The gardening and landscaping work is going well. Stuart is working on bathroom-4. Jon's going to finish the electrics and Russell will finish the floor work. We've done all the remedial work. Irene and Robert will be here from Houston, TX on May 14. Confident that everything will be finished. Done. Done. Done. Gosh, this project has been a mind-boggling effort.

Exiv2 v0.26 was released on April 28, 2017. Two years and 2000 hours of effort by me. A huge thanks to Ben and Neils for their contributions. I'm proud of my achievements in the world of open-source. I gave a remote presentation to LGM (Libre Graphics Meeting) in Rio on April 22. I will continue to contribute to the Exiv2 until the end of 2017. I hope that somebody will appear to carry the project into the future.

We had a day out at the end of the month with our friends Leslie and Nigel who live in Bedfordshire. They took us to visit Waddesdon Manor in Bucks. A very nice day out. Photos: click here.

From Office




Lawn and Summer House


Clematis Daniel Deronda

Virginia Creeper

Clematis Bees Jubilee


Lizzie with Attitude




Yellow Flowers

Fruit Blosom



Sid's New Car

Sid in Car

Nice Eh?

S L K 200

The Tower


Picture Window

Tower from below


Cat on roof

Here's looking at you


Jessie at Football


Patio Steps

With Banister

Looks great

Camera's H D R

Blind Up

Blind Out


Pigeon Point Light

H D R of Garden

Summer House



Summer House Lights

Tidy New Hedge

Stumps Gone

Logs and Branches



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