December 2017

After all the travelling in the States, Scotland and Vietnam, it was good to get home to our own bed in December. In the run up to Christmas, the weather is OK, however the days are short and dark. The garden is going to sleep for a few months.

It has been very pleasing return from a trip and not have to face lots of house remodelling work. We have tasks to complete concerning painting, furniture, electrics, plumbing, windows, structural calculations and the building inspector. However the outstanding work is manageable and we'll handle it in 2018. I'm looking forward to Spring and our plans for the garden in 2018.

I purchased another lens for the camera while we were in the States. It's a 12-22mm Nikon Lens. The purpose is to take indoor shots. The camera came with an 12-55mm lens which I replaced 3 years ago with a Sigma 18-250mm lens. The 18-250mm is great outdoors, however a shorter lens is needed for indoor shots. The new lens and external flash produce beautiful indoor photographs. Very pleased.

Christmas is the time for lights. For sure, more and more houses in England are decorated with external lights in December. We started in 2014 and more every year. It's fun and bright.

Office after sunset

After sunset

Mid-winter sunset






Bonus Room



Landing during day

Bath 1

Bath 1


Bonus Room

Bed 2

Bath 2

Bed 1

Bed 3

Bath 3

Bath 3

Bed 4

Bath 4




Garden Lights


Bonus Room





































Family Room




Downstairs Bathroom

Utility Room


Robin on Conifer


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