Alison and I have decided to get fitter and loose weight in 2017. I run with Berkshire Trail Runners at "The Lookout" in Bracknell on Sunday morning. And we've been going to meetups with "Walking in Surrey". Today we were at Epsom for "Ramble around a Racecourse". Epsom Downs is the home of The Derby which is held in early June.

I don't know anything about horse racing. I've never been to a Racecourse. About 40 years ago, I worked for a company with an office in Epsom and occassionally passed the Racecourse. It's on top of a hill with beautiful views towards London. I think it's about 15 miles to the centre of London. Landmarks such as Wembley Stadium are clearly visible.

My guess is that we had 40 on the walk. Gavin, the leader, lives near the Racecourse and had interesting stories about the Race and the Area. We enjoyed talking to Dilly and Philip who live near Tower Bridge in London. They came with their dog Charley. Good to see them having a day to enjoy time away from the city. We also enjoyed seeing Duncan with whom I walked at Woking a few weeks ago.

Surrey is a beautiful County. There are many open spaces on the Downs which are rightly classified as an "Area of Outstanding Beauty". Now that the house remodelling project is coming to an end, we look forward to many more nice days walking on the Downs.











































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