Toastmasters BBQ Party

In February, I decided to join the Camberley Chapter of Toastmasters International. This is a club for public speaking. They meet in St Michael's Church Hall on the first and third Thursday of the month. The meetings are 2 hours and then we go to the Indian Restaurant across the road for curry and chat. I've given 2 speeches and they've both been well received. A nice group of people of all ages.

Having discovered that they usually have a summer BBQ in somebody's back yard, I volunteered to host this year's event. "International BBQ and Cookout". We have members from Nigeria, Romania, Spain, South Africa and Nepal. Guests were invited to bring food and bottles and something from their home country. We had several in National Dress, some songs and poems. The weather was perfect. About 22°C and not a cloud in the sky.

I'd like to thank Alison, Shelly and Jamie for doing most of the work. As always, I sat and talked bollocks while other members of the family worked hard. Jessie did name badges for the guests and Jude looked cute. Thanks Everybody.

Food and Drinks

Tables and Chairs


Flags and Garden

Flags and Summer House


Tania and Marlane

Harry and Margaret

Jamie and Tania

Tina and Dea

Tina, Jill and Terry

Bob and Katie

Sid, Dea and Martin

Dea and Martin

Kathy Arriving

Lots of Toasties




Shelly, Jessie and Jude

Food Arriving

Perfect Weather


Loading Up

Sitting Down



Sitting down

The Guildford Toasties

Doug, Kathy and Frank

Pudding Time

Eating and talking


Milling Around


Games on the grass

Summer House

From Upstairs

Frank and Lynda

Kamal, Bob, Margaret, Martin

Doug and Kamal


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