September 2017

I can't believe it. The project is finished. Plumbing, landscaping, lights and site clean up. Alison and I have worked very hard for 4+ years to achieve this. Thank You to everybody who has worked with us to get this done. Fantastic Result.

Jamie and Shelly asked us to help them with their garden. It's a large and beautiful garden. Alison and I started working on it in June. Cutting the grass and hedges is a 4 hour weekly chore. However the garden needs attention to long term maintenance issues. We've put in the effort to remove 8 large holly trees. Hard work.

Over the winter we'll discuss how to develop the garden. We'd like to build a "Garden Annex" at the other end of the garden. Lots to discuss and consider including financing the project. Who knows, maybe Alison and I will go to live there in 10 years time if we need assistance.






































































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