Surrey Tour

My Adobe friend David came to visit us from California. He's changing jobs and came for a break from the stress of Silicon Valley. He'll be back at the grind next week.

Having David here to talk about work and organisations in Silicon Valley makes me glad to be retired. I never discovered how to get any boss to behave in a decent and sensible manner. David's having more success than I did, however he's suffering in ways in which I never suffered. Good Luck on your next mission, David.

We took David for a tour of some beauty spots in Surrey. Guildford, Shere, North Downs Way, Devil's Punchbowl and Tilford. David treated Alison and I to lunch in The White Horse in Shere. Alison had fish pie and I had a hamburger. Very nice lunch. Thank You, David for coming to visit us in England. Please come again and stay longer.

I think Alison and I are now settling into retired life. Although we've been away from work for 3 years, the house project and my open-source activities have been 2 full time jobs. The house project is reaching a conclusion and we have time for friends to visit, and time for trips from home. More chums will be here next week, and we're having a trip to the Lake District in June.

St James' Shere











View from St Martha's

Church near Shere



View from St Marthas


St Martha's from Albury

St Martha's


Devil's Punch Bowl


The feature


Old Road (before 2013 tunnel)


Cricket and Pub

River and Bridge

Painting the crease

River Wey

Jersey Cows

About the Oak


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