I've never seen traffic like Ho Chi Minh City. Millions of motor bikes, scooters and mopeds. And quite a lot of cars as well. We had a taxi to take us to/from the airport and to/from the wedding. The wedding venue was close to the airport. The traffic in India is even more chaotic. I could imagine driving in Vietnam. I would never consider driving in India. We never saw any accidents, so presumably this is safe enough. However, it's a lot different from England. To cross the road, you effectively "wade" through the bikes.

We arrived at the airport with the recommended 3 hour flight margin. Plenty of time to update some photos, watch the planes and have a "Tiger" beer. 3 hours to Hong Kong, 13 hours to London. A long night ahead. Very pleased to say that I slept for about 8 hours on the flight to London. Arrived home feeling fine, happy to be home, and full of optimism for the future. It's been a great trip. Much thanks to Brian for fetching and carrying us to/from Heathrow airport.


Our Hotel

Lots of bikes




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Qatar 330

Our plane for H K G

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