To say we enjoyed the wedding of Ross and Lisa does not begin to express our appreciation of a wonderful weekend. It's no exaggeration to say it's one of the best weekends ever. Such a privilege and pleasure to have been a witness to the start of their marriage. Thank you to Lorna and Michael for the invitation. Thank you to Pat and Stewart for your lifelong friendship.

There were lots of folks at the wedding and most we did not know. To avoid getting names wrong on the photos, I'll name nobody. However, I'd like to give praise to the wedding party and their families. The best man gave a great speech and the poetic response of the bride's ladies was very witty. The bride and her maids were beautiful. The groom and his men were splendid in their kilts. And the parents of the bride and groom glowed with pride on a very special day.

The ceremony was conducted in beautiful winter sunshine illuminating the couple. And, although a little cold, the photographer made the most of the good weather to photograph the guests on the steps of the venue. She also made photos of the wedding party and family in the garden. I was able to observe this from our room although my camera was unable to be placed outside the restricted opening of the window. Dinner was splendid and we enjoyed the company of other friends of the groom's parents. After dinner, Alison enjoyed the ear thumping disco. I'm still suffering from jet lag and went to bed about 10pm.

The breakfast in the hotel was the best I've ever seen and included haggis. We also had the opportunity to chat to the parents of the groom before checking out of the hotel at 11:30. A really wonderful occasion. A beautiful wedding and gathering of family and friends.





















































































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