Windlesham Walk

I had a very nice walk in Windlesham with Mike, Josephine and Daphne. It's remarkable. It's about 4 miles from home and we visited lots of little places I didn't know. Thanks, Mike for leading the walk. And Thanks Josephine and Daphne for your company.

Surrey is a very beautiful County. Surrey has the most km of public footpaths per area in England. There are many many trails. And beautiful villages with cricket greens, pubs and churches. This is picture post-card England.

The walk was almost 5 miles and I walked 2.6 miles to the meeting point in Lightwater. It was a beautiful sunny morning when I got up at 5am and turned rather gray for the walk. I have to get fitter, loose weight and start running again. Thank you to Mike for giving me a lift home.































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