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January 8, 2008

San Jose
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Happy New Year. Wonderful Christmas Holiday
Holly and Iggle Piggle Liam (with flash) Liam (without flash)
Godparents, Parents, Liam and Rev Bruce The Young Family Rev Bruce and Liam On the beach At Veli-Veikko's Apartment Robin relaxing Fireworks for New Year Pool at our complex Ali and Veli-Veikko Finn with Finnish 013

Christmas 2007 was a vaction in three parts. We spent Christmas Day with the family in England. Then we went to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands (Spain). Before returning to the States, we enjoyed the baptism of our first grandson Liam in England.

It was very thrilling to go to Camberley and visit our first grandson Liam Joshua. He's a fine little guy and looks very like his sister Holly when she was a few weeks old. Liam was born on November 20, 2007. He's growing fast and I predict he'll be the first member of the Mills family to be more than 6ft tall. His sister Holly was 15 months old when Liam was born. Holly's totally adorable. She is beautiful with a quiet, happy personality.

We spent Christmas day at the home of the Prescotts - the other grandparents. What a fantastic feast we enjoyed. Everything you'd expect to eat at Christmas - smoked salmon, turkey, roast potatoes, sprouts and all the usual things. Colin's Italian heritage was represented by ham, salami and mozerella in the starters. A wondeful feast - thank you everybody in the Prescott family for the work and expense of the occasion.

The trip to Lanzarote was to join our Finnish friend Veli-Veikko who likes to go there for some sunshine in mid-Winter. We've never been there before and I think every part of the trip exceeded expectations. The weather was beautiful - mid 20°'s C, a few clouds and no rain. The accomodation was nice and good value. Eating out's a lot of fun and quite inexpensive. It's a pity that the $/€ is so unfavorable to us.

When we returned to Camberley, we enjoyed Liam's baptism on Saturday January 5, 2008. Lots of friends and family attended and we had a magnificant buffet lunch back at Alan and Jen's.

Although Ali and I intended to stay with Jamie while in Camberley, we were invited to do some "house sitting" for our Summer Gardens neighbours Mary and David who were off in Libya on vacation. Thanks guys - that was very nice.

As always, I'm indebted to Penny for getting me to SFO airport. And Penny did the honors by collecting us from SFO when we returned to California. Penny you're a star - thanks very much.

And coming up....

We're planning a vacation in the Western United States in May. This will include a visit to the Grand Canyon. We're going to walk to the bottom of the Canyon and spend two nights at Phantom Ranch. And our friends Denise and Richard will join us for the Grand Canyon Adventure. We're really excited and looking forward to that. We're going to drive from San Jose and we'll also visit Mt Whitney, Death Valley and Las Vegas. And probably return via San Diego and Los Angeles. We'd like to visit President Reagan's Library. This is the first time we've made a long road trip from San Jose. It'll be fun.

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