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August 12, 2008

San Jose
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Peggy and Bill

Two of my best friends in Striders are Peggy and Bill.

So, I was really delighted when Peggy said "Robin, could you make some artwork for Bill? I'd really like to take him for dinner and give him a special gift for all the help and support he's provided for me in the last couple of years."

With a little negotiating, this was the result. A collage of 150 photos I've taken of Bill over the last 5 years. Bill and Peggy were both delighted. The artwork was printed at 11x14 and framed to hang on the wall in Bill's home.

And coming up....

We're thinking about a trip to Idaho in the next few weeks. Visit some chums and do some canoeing. Of course, that'll bring us closer to visiting every State. Idaho will be number 47 and that only leaves the contiguous block of Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas to visit all 50!

Ali will probably visit the family and grandchildren in England later in the year. When the kids are back at school, we hope flights will be a little less expensive.

And I'm registered to run in Silicon Valley Marathon at the end of October. I'm starting to do some serious training for that. I'd like to qualify again for Boston. We'll see.

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