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I'm retired. My favorite activity is to go out running with my friends, however I can only consume some of a day doing that. So I've decided to buy a Mac and learn everything I can about that machine.

I've been helping out folks on and I've decided to collect these investigations together for future reference. I do this for my own entertainment and to keep this work in a single location. I hope you find these articles useful (they are of course mostly boring!).

Leopard is coming.  Click for
Leopard arrived on Oct 26, 2007 at 18.00PST

Articles about Mac OS X
C++ and C
JavaScript - Building Spidermonkey
JavaScript - Embedding Spidermonkey
CoreGraphics Library
Cocoa Tutorials
Mac Installers
Working with OpenSource
Timestamp utility
Building the FileObject for SpiderMonkey.
Embedding SpiderMonkey in an application.
Library of CG Utilities (and command line tools).
Tutorials to help folks learn Cocoa (and Obj/C).
Making a drag'n'drop Installer for the Mac.
Debugging OpenSource with Xcode.

System VMware Fusion
Apache Virtual Hosts
Port Forwarding
Perforce Help File
Scripts and Utitilites
Mac and Windows Network Drives

My switch from confusion to VMware Fusion
Configuring multiple web sites on your server
Exposing servers from your home network to the internet Perforce Source Code Management Help File
Some useful scripts and utilities I've written
Mounting Windows Shares on the Mac
(and Macs on Windows)

Web Dev
Non-scrolling menus
JavaScript Drawing Functions
JavaScript Drag'n'drop
Experiences with different blogging systems
Page Left and Right menus that don't scroll
Amazing image effects (including rotation and shadows)
The Lightbox Library

GPS Exif Tags
FTP Synchronizer
Geo Tag Photographs using GPX files
Scripts to update your FTP server

The articles highlighted in blue have not been written - although I've done the work and haven't got round to documenting them yet. Investigation is more interesting that writing!


For the moment, you'll have to go to the article and click on the download button. I'll probably index the downloads here sometime in the future.

If you'd like to comment...

I'm very happy to accept comments and feedback about any of my articles - especially if you have constructive suggestions. And I'm particularily pleased if you can let me know about errors and corrections.

The new Leopard Desktop
The amazing new eye-candy in Leopard. Coverflow and QuickLook are awesome features.

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